• Dollar Tree, Windsor, CT
    Dollar Tree in Windsor, CT, a 1,000,000 square foot Firestone TPO 2013 installation.
  • Callaway Golf, Chicopee, MA
    The former Spalding and now Calloway facility has been a J.D. Rivet customer since 1981. These roofing projects have totaled over 600,000 square feet of re-roofing. The 150,000 square feet Sarnafil roof installed in 1982 continues to perform today.
  • OMG, Agawam, MA
    OMG is the largest specialty roofing products supplier in the U.S. J D Rivet has had a business relationship with OMG since 1985. Most recently a 100,000 square foot roofing system was installed over OMG's high tech warehouse space.
  • Yankee Candle Warehouse and Distribution Center, South Deerfield, MA
    This 260,000 square foot EP Stevens roof was installed in 2000. General Contractor: Associated Builders.
  • Brockway-Smith Co., Hatfield, MA
    This 142,000 square foot EP Stevens roof was installed in 1999.
  • DFF Corporation, Agawam, MA
    J.D. Rivet worked with KDS Construction Inc. at DFF beginning in 1985. 190,000 square feet of Dow roofing was installed on three buildings.
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